Chợ Quê Giữa Phố: Sách Chủ Đề Sức Khỏe
Chợ Quê Giữa Phố: Sách Chủ Đề Sức Khỏe
Chợ Quê Giữa Phố: Sách Chủ Đề Sức Khỏe
April 13, 2021

VN’s Mother Teresas aid parents, farmers

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Every month, the club still offers free consulative workshops for expectant mothers in HCM City while mobile bookshelves are very popular among children in Lâm Đồng. A tree planting project has also been run for the past 10 years encouraging local people in the central province to plant trees. Phan Diệu Linh, who manages mobile bookshelves and tree planting projects said she enjoyed her volunteer work at the club. “I like small, simple but very effective projects the club has run,” Linh said, adding, “Our club has been a big influence, more than it was a few years ago.” “Everything big starts from something small, much like what we do every day,” she said. VNS

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